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Protection + Generational Wealth For Your Child = Great Parenting

Your child is the MOST IMPORTANT piece to your life.
He/She is your heart. The reason you would run through a brick wall, work 80-hours per week or
make sacrifices to create a better future that wasn’t afforded to you. With that said, you should take
action on two things immediately

Ensure your heart is protected


I don’t want to scare you but I spoke to a mother last week who lost her four year old daughter to a tragic accident. I’m sure you couldn’t even imagine this level of pain. The worst part wasn’t her daughter passing away.It was the fact that she didn’t have enough money to bury her daughter and grieve in peace. A parent's worst nightmare. Although it’s uncommon, you should make sure your heart is protected since it’s living outside of your body.

Prepare your child for the future


You can lock in a GUARANTEED LIFETIME PRICE for your child’s life insurance policy for as low as 0.66 cent per day. No brainer. Your child will be 40 years old and paying roughly $20 dollars per month for a $50,000 dollar policy you set up for him/her when they were just a baby.

Meanwhile, someone applying for $50,000 dollars in coverage at age 40-years-old would cost close to $100 dollars PER MONTH. The price difference is insane when you procrastinate. This is how you create generational wealth for your kids kids’.

Protect Your Heart in 10 Minutes. FREE Application.
Only Pay AFTER the approval. As Low As 0.66 Cent Per Day. Happiness GUARANTEED.

Still figuring out this life insurance thing?

No need to sacrifice your weekend to research. Go on and grab yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee — we'll walk you through everything you need to know before you take your last sip.

  • What are the different types of insurance?
    There are a ton of Life Insurance policies. The most popular are Term & Permanent Insurance. You could get a policy that only lasts 30 years or one that covers you for life. You could even get a policy where a portion of the payments are tied to the stock market for faster growth. With so much information out there, we always suggest speaking to a licensed financial representative of Jack Life Insurance so we can find you the best option that fits your needs today.
  • How much life insurance do I need?
    Our team of financial representatives will go through a needs analysis to find out your current & future financial goals to craft the right amount of Life Insurance you need. We don't want you to be underinsured but we also don't want you to be overinsured. So we ask the right questions to get down to the right amount you need today. And if you need more in the future, we can create another policy. That easy.
  • What is life insurance?
    In simple terms, it's a tool used to create a TAX FREE transfer of generational wealth. Imagine if you could provide your children with $500,000 dollars TAX FREE to become debt free or start a business upon you passing. Here's the reality: We're all going to die. Wealthy people accept this as fact and immediately make plans to protect their legacy. Our culture waits until the last minute and end up being denied for insurance or can't afford it. Don't let that be you.
  • How much does life insurance cost?
    Life Insurance can be as little as $10 bucks per month. We were able to insure a 21 year old for $1million of coverage dollars for less than $50 bucks per month. Here's the thing - The older you get, the more expensive it becomes. It's why we stress to our clients not to drag their feet on buying Life Insurance. Companies could factor in your age, sex, weight, driving record and medical history. It's best to do this right now. You aren't getting older.

Why Work With Our Agents?

We have a team of licensed agents in 50 states who

follow a three step formula:

We educate you on the different types of policies available and how they work.

We run a needs analysis test which includes understanding your current & future financial goals, the amount of debt you’ve accumulated, family members you want to cover and etc to get an accurate policy amount so you aren’t underinsured.

We help you carve out a monthly budget and then look at which of our 35 different insurance carriers can fit your needs.

DSC03294 1.png

Protect Your Heart in 10 Minutes with Three Easy Steps:

1. Connect with one of our licensed agents who will submit an application to our underwriters within 10 minutes.

2. The policy should be approved within 24 hours of submission. Most times, same day.

3. You will pay the first month premium AFTER the policy is approved. Never before.

It’s that EASY. No inconvenience.

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