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Health Insurance Is 100% Tax Deductible For Small Business Owners Like Yourself.

We Find Affordable Coverage For Business Owners

We started Jack Health Insurance so we could educate & insure small business owners with Health Coverage. Our founder has been a full-time entrepreneur for almost 9 years. He saw small business owners lose their businesses often due to themself or their family getting hurt or sick and not being able to take care of the associated cost. Not to mention that in the event they were the one who was in the hospital, the business dealt with a lot of stress with the owner not being able to produce revenue and losing out even more do to have to take care of 100% of the medical bills that came with it. Health insurance has been a standard for our business, not just because it makes sense logically, but the tax benefits that come with it make it a no brainer. If you're a business owner, we strongly advise clicking the link below so you can start take advantage as well. You can get up to 100% Tax Deduction on the cost of having health insurance as a business owner.

Still figuring out this health insurance thing?

No need to sacrifice your weekend to research. Go on and grab yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee — we'll walk you through everything you need to know before you take your last sip.

Why Work With Our Agents?

We have a team of licensed agents in 50 states who

follow a three step formula:

We educate you on the different types of policies available and how they work.

We run a needs analysis test which includes understanding your current & future financial goals, the amount of debt you’ve accumulated, family members you want to cover and etc to get an accurate policy amount so you aren’t underinsured.

We help you carve out a monthly budget and then look at which of our different insurance carriers can fit your needs.

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Get started

The process is very easy. One of our licensed financial representatives will reach out to discuss how much insurance you need, pricing and even future goals. From there, we submit an application and most clients are approved same day.