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Our Founder Prince Donnell became a licensed Insurance broker in December 2020 covering every state across the country. He started off his career as an Insurance Agent for a commercial bank when he was 18 years old. After leaving the bank and eventually starting Jumping Jack Tax which is now a franchise company, he recognized the need for taxes & life insurance being partnered services within his franchise locations to help his clients reach their financial goals. After partnering with over 35 of the top insurance carriers in the United States, he released to the internet that he was officially accepting insurance clients as of January 2021. His brokerage quickly became the premier insurance agency for small business owners and young (20-35) adults who follow him that needed education on how to properly utilize life insurance to grow their assets while alive or to create generational wealth them they die.


Prince Donnell trained two other individuals in his close circle to become licensed insurance agents and financial educators. Since then, Jack Life Insurance has helped over 1,000 clients with policy education or carrier approvals for life insurance over the past 10 months. That's not including hundreds of thousands of individuals across the internet who are educated daily by Prince Donnell & Jack Life Insurance on Life Insurance.

If we could impact and provide a valuable service to our community with only 3 agents, imagine what we could do with a team of agents across the country utilizing our same system of social education and insurance strategies! On top of that, we NEED agents across the country to support our franchisee owners who have Jumping Jack Tax Store-Front locations. We currently have franchise locations opening in Philadelphia, Jersey City, Atlanta, Greenville, Oklahoma City and Chicago with more opening in 2022.

As an agent, this gives you access to leads from tax clients who are looking for life insurance on top of the strategies we can teach you to earn leads via social media. We will also be opening the opportunity for agents to purchase HOT leads directly from our insurance brokerage if we have an overflow of clients.

Our goal is to open our doors for a MAXIMUM of 100 agents for the year of 2022 and grow slowly from that point as we help our existing agents become successful under our system.

Check out our webinar below and then fill out an application if you believe you are a great fit.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot be engaged with two agencies or companies at the same time. In order to become a Jack Life Insurance Agent, you will need to part ways with any other brokers and solely utilize the 35 different carriers that Jack Life Insurance is partnered with.



Winning Training and Support

Here's what we're offering to the agents that we accept into our brokerage:

  • Weekly Virtual Trainings 

  • Access to your Life Insurance Mentor to help you with closing deals

  • 24 Hour Access to our Jumping Jack Tax University w/ updated trainings

  • Access to our Telegram Group Chat for all agents to connects & share information

  • Motivational calls and local events at our franchise locations for trainings & networking

  • Invite to our annual national conferences

  • Marketing support and guidance including Social Media, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and Promotional Materials

  • The ability to learn from the best, Prince Donnell

  • Access to buy leads as they become available or source leads from tax offices

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