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Frequently asked questions

What do I receive when I become a Jumping Jack Partner?

1. Enrollment into an accredited online tax prep school that's certified by the IRS. Our schooling is self-paced and with the help of other Jumping Jack Tax Partners, you should be able to complete school and earn your tax certificate within 3 months. At Jumping Jack, we encourage you to find an accontability partner within our community so you both can work together to complete school 2. The Jumping Jack Tax Software with extensive webinar trainings every tuesday with Executive Partner Keith Thompson 3. Placement on the Jumping Jack Tax Mobile App with over 100,000 downloads. Each time someone from the app is in your area, they will be able to contact you directly and become a customer 4. The ability to LICENSE the Jumping Jack Tax Brand. As a partner, you have the ability to use our logo and represent the brand to attract customers. We've already done the hard work of making Jumping Jack Tax a national brand and now you can ride the wave 5. Access into our private group chat where you can meet everyone in the Jumping Jack Tax Community. We have partners with 20+ years of experience in taxes, credit, insurance, bookkeeping, entrepreneurship and more. Imagine being able to talk to your partners every single day in order to learn from them? When you're in our group chat, YOU'RE NEVER ALONE. And honestly, the only way to have true success in the tax business is through the mentorship of people who are more experienced than you. And you get that with the group chat 6. And of course we provide customer support lol.

Do I need to have a physical office to be successful?

NO. Through our strategic trainings and partnerships, we've created a way for our JJT partners to make six figures per tax season without having their own office. We also show you how to be a concierge tax professional. Our motto at JJT is "WE COME TO YOU." We are the premier mobile tax professionals who offer a high level of convenience by driving to the client.

Do I need any experience in tax preparation in order to run this business?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. First and foremost, you do not have to be an accountant or graduate from college to run a tax business. Doing taxes is simple. Learning about the industry and how to run the business to get customers is the challenging part. But guess what? Jumping Jack Tax has in-house webinar trainings every TUESDAY AND THURSDAY teaching you how to use our software and submit forms, how to market your business on social media and in-person, strategic ways to attract customers and we give you access to our BRAND. The Jumping Jack Tax brand is being recognized around the country and you have an opportunity to license our brand to get more customers

What makes Jumping Jack Tax Different Than Other Companies?

Simple Answer: LEADERSHIP and REAL RESULTS. At Jumping Jack Tax, we have the best leadership in the industry 1. Our Ceo/Co-Founder @PrinceDonnell is well known across the country as an entrepreneur, educator and leader in our inner-city communities. 2. Co-Founder @DanaChanel, also widely known as the founder of Sprinkle Of Jesus and Alakazam Apps, is a powerhouse multi-millionaire entrepreneur who has created multiple successful businesses in the past 6 years. She is the definition of a woman boss 3. Co-Founder @HipHopMagician better known as Uncle Majic is a celebrity magician with one of the largest children's entertainment companies in New York, New Jersy and Connecticut. He is the visionary behind the @PrinceDonnell & @DanaChanel brand, Sprinkle Of Jesus, Jumping Jack Tax, Alakazam Apps and many other brand around the country. Whatever he touches, turns to gold 4. Executive Partner / Director of Operations: Keith Thompson @AtlTaxMan is a powerhouse entrepreneur who's been in the tax industry for over 10+ years while earning six-figures. He's also the owner of a successful franchise along with being our Director of Operations to make sure our company runs smoothly. And he's EXCELLENT 5. Executive Partner / Head Of New Jersey: Angela Burgos @angelab_dreamz is not new to the business or real estate world. She is better known for owning one of the largest daycares in New Jersey for over 20+ years. She's also a real estate investor with over One Million Dollars in holdings/equity. She is also the HEAD OF JJT NEW JERSEY meaning she is the director of operations in that state. So if you live in New Jersey, you've got yourself an amazing mentor!!! 6. Executive Partner / Tax School & Sales Strategist: Mignon Williams @mignoncyrelle is a multifaceted entrepreneur. Interesting Fact About Mignon is that she is an IFBB PRO BodyBuilder. She reached the highest level in that industry. She worked in corporate america for 20 years in the sales division and reached the highest level in that industry with million of dollars in annual sales. Last but not least, she joined the Jumping Jack Tax Family and reached the highest level in our company. She is now our Tax School & Sales Strategist who helps our team brainstorm of strategic ways to become tax certified and get customers 7. Last but not least, OUR JJT FAMILY. We don't hide our results like other companies. We actually have over 400+ partners. Don't take my word for it. Check out our recent JJT NATIONAL CONFERENCE and you'll see that it was sold out. We have partners generating up to six figures per season through our proven trainings. Again, don't take my word for it. Just look at the impact on a social and community level So when you compare us to other companies, ask them what type of leadership they have in their corporate office. We've got over 60+ years. How about them?

How much does it cost to get started with Jumping Jack Tax?

There is a ONE-TIME start up fee of $5,000 dollars which includes the Jumping Jack Tax License to market our name, enrollment into online tax preparation school with over 100+ hours of tax law information + certificate, access to the Jumping Jack Tax Online Software, in-house marketing/software trainings, and a spot on the Jumping Jack Tax Mobile app for daily advertisement to over 100,000 customers! This is all included in the $5,000 start up cost There is an ANNUAL LICENSE FEE of $2,500 dollars which includes the Jumping Jack Tax License to market our name, software updates and access to our trainings, community atmosphere and mobile app There is an ELECTRONIC FILING FEE of $74 dollars per return. As a Jumping Jack Tax Partner and tax professional, you don't have to pay the fee, the customer is responsible for the fee. For example: If you charge a $300 dollar tax preparation fee then the customer will pay a total of $374 dollars. The $300 tax prep fee will go to you and the $74 EFF will go to Jumping Jack Tax You are responsible for handling all marketing and operational expenses that may be necessary for your tax business to be successful and run smoothly.


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