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Jumping Jack Tax is a RELATIONSHIP FIRST financial services franchise specializing in tax & accounting for personal and small business clients, bookkeeping, life insurance and consultations. The best part is that we’re virtual so you don’t have to leave your house to become our client. The reason we capitalize “Relationship First” is because we aren’t a transactional business. We desire to build a long-term relationship with you that allows us to help you build great financial habits over time and hold your hand through different life changes that could affect your personal or small business finances. Most tax companies are closed after May 31st but we’re open year-round to serve your financial needs. Jumping Jack Tax is becoming the fastest growing financial services franchise in the country. Join our community of clients today.


Personal Tax Prep Starting at $150 Dollars

Business Tax Prep Starting at $400 Dollars

Bookkeeping/Accountability Program Starting at $350 Per Month

Consultations For A Flat Price of $100 Dollars

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