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I understand and agree to the terms, policies, and agreements of the business partnership offered by Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation. I fully agree to the terms and that by partnering with Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation. I understand and agree to receive 100% of each tax preparation fee that I charge to the clients that I service. 


For my copy of the tax software I agree that all deposits & payment plan payments made to Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation to pay for my tax software are non refundable. No exceptions. I acknowledge that I will do my own research on the Jumping Jack Tax website and come to an informed decision before calling to leave a payment. Once our team receives deposit/payment, we start the process immediately. Please make sure you are ready before making payment.


I agree to pay $2,500 annual fee for my fully licensed unlimited e-file version of Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation professional tax software. This will be debited on April 30th of every single year until you send an email to to cancel this 60 days prior to the date of automatic withdrawal from the card on file.


Software Fees per Return:


I agree to the following Jumping Jack Tax software fees per return charged to my tax client (these fees are not charged to the tax preparer/ERO) $24 per return transmission fee and $50.00 per return service bureau fee totaling $74 per return charged to each of my clients. Software fees per return shall not exceed $74. Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation is not responsible for bank product fees/RT fees charged by the bank of your choice nor has any control of bank product pricing. Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation only charges transmission and service bureau fees.​



I agree to submit all of my tax clients through the tax software program provided to me by Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation and acknowledge that I understand that all preparation fees funded will be issued into the bank account that I provide to the associated bank product of my choosing. I also understand that in any event or suspicion of fraud, wrongdoing, or nonpayment that not only will my software services be terminated but if questioned Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation can and will corporate with the IRS or any other agencies and forward any needed personal information to them as Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation bears no responsibility for your actions. Also as part of my legal requirements as an authorized IRS e-file provider or as a tax-preparer working under an authorized IRS e-file provider, I understand that I am solely responsible for following: to follow all rules and regulations as specified by the Internal Revenue Service (Circular 230). I also understand and agree that I must protect and secure all taxpayer information as required by law, and by signing this document I am stating that I will not do or be a part of any type of tax fraud or wrongdoing and that I take full responsibility for my actions, practices, and any decision/s that I make hold no bearing upon Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation, its members or affiliates. I will agree to uphold the discretion and privacy of all clients’ information and will ensure that no wrongdoing is done on behalf of anyone assisting me as well. This partnership agreement entitles me the ability to create an unlimited amount of federal and state returns. This agreement shall remain in effect from the date or tax year below, thru when or if I should ever stop using the Jumping Jack Taxes Corporation services after one full season is complete. At the end of each season, you will receive a statement of the income you made, that sum or figure will be used to calculate your 1099 statement and will be sent to you to file with your tax return in the following year.

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