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At Jumping Jack Tax, we know accurate tax filings & bookkeeping is the first step to maximizing your refund or positioning your business for success. That’s why we also offer full-service tax preparation for both business and personal tax returns.
When it comes to personal taxes, many people try to do it alone. DIY Taxes can do more harm than good. And because most of the financial decisions you make impact your taxes, having a solid strategy is more important. After all, effective tax management is the cornerstone of wealth management.
We can help you explore tax-saving opportunities and develop a personal tax strategy. We offer a more efficient and seamless process for our clients at tax time and all the time

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Starting at $150 + additional technology fee

Tax Professionals Just A Call Away


Jumping Jack Taxes has friendly and tech-savvy professionals to help you navigate your personal taxes and ensure you get the best deductions. Our team will handle your bookkeeping, and you’ll be 100% ready for tax season.

Our Service is Unmatched

  • Convenient

  • Affordable

  • Appointments with Humans, not a Bot

  • Get Matched with the right tax professional

  • Dedicated professionals who prepare and file for you

  • Unlimited advice from leading Jumping Jack Tax professionals.

When you engage Jumping Jack Tax to provide tax preparation services, you tap into the power of our robust organization, experience, and resources. Our tax professionals are always ready to help you successfully navigate any changes to the tax code. With the right team in place looking out for your best interests and proactively bracing you for ever-changing tax laws, your business will be better positioned to grow.

Enjoy a Simplified Tax Experience

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Financial Professionals In Your Pocket

You can download the free Jumping Jack Tax App on Apple & Google Play to easily connect with our personal tax pros, small business specialists or life insurance agents for questions or to book an appointment.

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